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Pluvia d.o.o.

Dol Ploča 23

21450 Hvar, Croatia

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Tado Moskatelo - Real Estate Agent

About Us

Hvar Estates Croatia is an agency specialising in buying and selling of prime location real estate on Hvar Island in Croatia. We focus 100% of our time buying property and selling property on Croatia’s most prestigious Island. This allows us to allocate all our resources to making deals happen and furthermore providing essential ongoing support through the development process.

Open All Hours and we work to your schedule.

At Hvar Estates we have co-operation deals in place with the majority of local real estate agents, which gives us the greatest available selection of real estate on Hvar island. If for any reason we do not have the Hvar real estate you are looking for, then it is highly likely we will know someone who does.

Good legal advice and support is an essential part of the Hvar investment process.