About Croatia

Crystal-clear seas, lush islands, unspoilt fishing villages, beaches, vineyards, Roman ruins and medieval walled cities are some of the many treasures that make Croatia a tourist paradise.

A glance at a map will explain a large part of Croatia's appeal. With a surface area of over 56,000sq km, the country is not large but it has a spectacular 1778km coastline on the Adriatic and 1185 offshore islands. All told, there is almost 6000km of coastline in Croatia (including the islands). It winds around innumerable bays and inlets, rising to steep mountainous backdrops or flattening out to shingle beaches.

An abundance of natural harbours lure yachtsmen from all over the world, and there are numerous secluded coves to get away from it all. There's an island for every taste, ranging from stark, sun baked outcrops to softly contoured Shangri-las replete with meadows, lakes and forested hills.

It is therefore unsurprising that Croatia has been voted the No. 1 destination for 2005 by it's staff writers.

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Amazing view of Dubrovnik old town
camera-icon The City of Dubrovnik



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